Historical Section : Static Snapshots

The Historical Section includes all traces that are older than 10 years.

Static Snapshots are traces taken statically of a file system rather than of system calls.

The following traces are free to download under the terms of the SNIA Trace Data Files Download License. Please note that cookies must be enabled within your browser in order to download traces.
For questions about downloading using a shell script, see Using Shell Scripts, and for more information about downloading using a Windows batch script, see Using Batch Scripts.

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Trace Name Details Related Tools Year Recorded Timespan Record Count File Size Actions
Traces collected for the paper "A Study of Practical Deduplication" by Dutch T. Meyer and William J. Bolosky of The University of British Columbia and Microsoft Research
2009 4 months 3.4 TB
Multimedia file sizes This trace has no related tools yet. 2001 21 days 17.1 MB
Microsoft Longitudinal Study
Because of the size of the traces, they have been repackaged by IOTTA into 22 zip files. Each zip files contains information from the original snapshot, directory, and file info files, repackaged by user. More information on how the files were repackaged can be found in the readme-iotta.txt file found in each zip file.
2000-2004 over 4 years 5 Billion 91.1 GB
Microsoft 1998 Static Study
Static analysis of 10,568 file systems on 4801 workstations at Microsoft. This data formed the basis for the paper "A Large-Scale Study of File-System Contents" by John R. Douceur and William J. Bolosky, published in ACM SIGMETRICS 1999.
1998 8 days 153 Million 3.73 GB
Plan 9 Traces
This is a time series set of "snapshots" of the contents of the Plan 9 file servers at Bell Labs. One snapshot per day for over ten years. The snapshots were taken on two different machines: bootes and emelie. See the Venti paper for more information.
1990-2001 about 11 years 0 Bytes

Displaying all 5 Traces

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