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The SNIA IOTTA Repository is a collaborative effort sponsored by the Storage Networking Industry Association's Input/Output Traces, Tools, and Analysis Technical Work Group (IOTTA TWG). The primary goal of this collaboration is to create a worldwide repository for storage-related I/O trace files, associated tools, and other related information, all of which are made available free of charge to the storage research and development communities in both academia and industry.

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Begin downloading trace data files. Links to the specific trace types can always be found on the left. If any problems arise, please report them using the Contact Us form.

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December 05, 2018: Download Troubles? Our monitoring has notified us that many people are encountering failed downloads. However, we have not been able to reproduce the problem in tests, which makes it difficult to debug. We ask that you keep trying, because your attempts help with debugging. (It's best to only try one or two downloads per day because we get the same information from one failure as from 20 all at once).

If you can give us any extra information, especially any differences between failures and successes, please use the Contact Us form to let us know. If the Contact Us form itself doesn't work, please email geoff@cs.hmc.edu to let us know about that problem. However, if the Contact Us form works for you, it is a better choice for reporting problems because it reaches more people.

July 18, 2018: New Traces: We have posted some new traces, including MobiGen, Docker Registry, FSL-Dedup, PFS-SysCall, and an ASCII version of the CMU DFS Traces.

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Additional I/O Trace Data files can help extend and enhance the IOTTA Repository content, increase the viability of the IOTTA Repository, and broaden its value to the storage community. You can make a difference! Contribute your I/O Trace Data files to the IOTTA Repository, and encourage others to do likewise.

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Becoming an active participant within the IOTTA TWG is a great way to help visibly promote and further improve the IOTTA Repository. Moreover, your efforts and commitment can have a direct impact upon the IOTTA Repository, including future directions.

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There are a number of other ways that you can help the IOTTA Repository.

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