Historical Section : HPC Summaries

The Historical Section includes all traces that are older than 10 years.

Traces from HPC installations, generally expressed as statistical summaries rather than blow-by-blow event traces

The following traces are free to download under the terms of the SNIA Trace Data Files Download License. Please note that cookies must be enabled within your browser in order to download traces.
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Trace Name Details Related Tools Year Recorded Timespan Record Count File Size Actions
Los Alamos Parallel File System Statistics
Static file tree data (fsstats) for some of our parallel filesystems. These data include aggregate information on capacity, file and directory sizes, filename lengths, link counts, etc. The fsstats cover 9 anonymous parallel filesystems ranging from 16 TB to 439 TB total capacity used and file counts range from 2,024,729 to 43,605,555.
2011-2012 2 months 0 Bytes
Yahoo Cluster Files Traces
This dataset contains total number of files, total file size, number of file accesses, number of days between the first access and the most recent access, file distribution, deletion rate of files and directories, creation rate of files and directories in a dilithium-gold cluster. The size of this dataset is 2.3K. Due to access restrictions, these traces are hosted externally
2009-2010 about 1 year 0 Bytes
Los Alamos Workstation File System Statistics
Collections of data are related to storage. File system statistics gathered from backup information for 3000 plus LANL workstations. File system statistics gathered from backup information for 3000 plus LANL workstations.The data is contained in a tar file containing three CSV files that represent the three primary types of workstations used at LANL (MAC, UNIX, Windows).
2008-2009 11 months 0 Bytes

Displaying all 3 Traces

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