Historical Section

The Historical Section includes all traces that are older than 10 years.

The following traces are free to download under the terms of the SNIA Trace Data Files Download License. Please note that cookies must be enabled within your browser in order to download traces.
For questions about downloading using a shell script, see Using Shell Scripts, and for more information about downloading using a Windows batch script, see Using Batch Scripts.

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Trace Name Details Related Tools Year Recorded Timespan Record Count File Size Actions
Traces collected for the paper "A Study of Practical Deduplication" by Dutch T. Meyer and William J. Bolosky of The University of British Columbia and Microsoft Research
2009 4 months 3.4 TB
FIU Traces These traces can be decoded using blkparse. This utility is available on all standard Linux systems. 2008-2009 3 months 475 Million 28.8 GB
Microsoft Production Server Traces
Because of the size of the traces, the BuildServer traces have been repackaged by IOTTA into eight zip files. The first seven files are divided into one for each of the first seven timestamped hours in the original traces. The last file contains traces of the remaining 18 traced hours, in which the activity was much lighter. All eight zip files contain the same Readme.* and Disclaimer files. They are designed so that if all are unpacked in the same directory, the original trace collection will be recreated.
2007-2008 4 months 1 Billion 18.2 GB
Microsoft Enterprise Traces 2007-2008 4 months 2.6 Billion 25.1 GB
MSR Cambridge Traces
1-week block I/O traces of enterprise servers at Microsoft Research Cambridge. The citation for the MSRC traces can be found here.
2007 8 days 434 Million 4.94 GB
Second Animation Dataset
Traces collected for the paper "Capture, conversion, and analysis of an intense NFS workload" by Eric Anderson, FAST 2009.
All of the traces have been stored in DataSeries (ds) format; a tool to read the traces can be found on this Github page. 2007 10 months 144 Billion 3.4 TB
TraceFS Sample Traces
Sample traces of three benchmark runs collected with the TraceFS tracing system.

Additional information about TraceFS can be found at the following URL: http://www.filesystems.org/project-tracefs.html

This traces are stored in a binary format. The code for opening them can be found at http://www.filesystems.org/project-tracefs.html. 2007 13 days 1 Million 57.7 MB
Animation Dataset
Each set of data is a single contiguous trace from a single network location. Each set has been broken into downloadable ~4 GB chunks by iotta. Download the index.html file for more information.
All of the traces have been stored in DataSeries (ds) format; a tool to read the traces can be found on this Github page. 2003-2004 6 months 55 Billion 506 GB
Harvard SOS Traces
Software to process the NFSdump format is available here.
2001-2003 over 1 year 158 GB
Multimedia file sizes This trace has no related tools yet. 2001 21 days 17.1 MB

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