Historical Section

The Historical Section includes all traces that are older than 10 years.


The I/O Trace Data files have been segregated into several broad categories. These categories are typically, although not exclusively, defined by the measurement point at which the respective I/O trace was taken.

The categories (or types) of I/O traces include:

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  • Application Traces [This category is currently empty]
    Application Traces record calls made by a specific application.
  • Block I/O Traces
    Block I/O Traces typically include block level (e.g., at the logical volume manager, disk driver, etc. level) and block protocol (e.g., SCSI, ATA, Fibre Channel) traces.
  • HPC Summaries
    Traces from HPC installations, generally expressed as statistical summaries rather than blow-by-blow event traces
  • Key-Value Traces [This category is currently empty]
    Key-Value traces reflect activity directed to key-value stores.

    Related traces can also be found in the Parallel Traces section.

  • NFS Traces
    Network File System Traces are typically those for NFS and CIFS and which reflect the protocol used by such network file systems.
  • Parallel Traces
    Parallel traces, generally taken from supercomputers or in large datacenters, record activity from multiple computers running in parallel.

    Similar traces can also be found in the Key-Value Traces section.

  • SSSI WIOCP Metrics [This category is currently empty]
    SSSI WIOCP, the SNIA Solid State Storage Initiative (SSSI) Workload I/O Capture Program (WIOCP), collected already-summarized empirical metrics separately for both monitored devices and processes/applications. More information about the SSSI WIOCP can be found in the SSSI WIOCP FAQ and the 'Introduction to the SSSI WIOCP I/O Metrics' whitepaper.
  • Static Snapshots
    Static Snapshots are traces taken statically of a file system rather than of system calls.
  • System Call Traces
    System-Call I/O Traces typically reflect operating system calls to the file system.

    Some system-call traces can also be found in the Parallel Traces section.

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