About the SNIA IOTTA Repository

The IOTTA Repository is a SNIA-maintained web site, located within the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Technology Center, that is used to store, manage and distribute the contents of a repository for storage-related:

  • I/O traces
  • I/O trace collection and analysis tools
  • Application workloads
  • Best practices around such topics

The IOTTA TWG has been officially chartered by the SNIA Technical Council to establish the IOTTA Repository.

Goals of the IOTTA Repository

The goals of the IOTTA TWG for the IOTTA Repository include:

  1. Provide a common facility through which a broad community (including storage vendors, storage users, and the academic community) can avail themselves of a variety of storage-related I/O traces and associated information and tools.

  2. Enable the IOTTA Repository contents to be easily and freely available for unrestricted use.

  3. Promote gathering and making available contemporary I/O traces that reflect the usage of current storage technologies (moreover since many publicly-available I/O traces are very outdated).

  4. Highlight and promote efforts to define and establish common formats and semantics in regards to I/O traces, which in turn will help foster broader and easier use of I/O trace data files.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of I/O traces are of interest to the IOTTA TWG?

Currently, I/O traces of particular interest to the IOTTA TWG include those up at the host (e.g., system call, file system), those involving a file server (e.g., NFS, CIFS) and those at the "transport level" (e.g., SCSI, Fibre Channel).

Please contact us about the kinds of I/O traces that are of special interest to you, including those types of I/O traces not currently provided by the IOTTA Repository.

How much do the I/O Trace Data files from the IOTTA Repository cost?

The I/O Trace Data files are available for free electronic download from the IOTTA Repository.

Do I have to be a member of the IOTTA TWG or of SNIA to download I/O Trace Data files from the IOTTA Repository?

No, the I/O Trace Data files within the IOTTA Repository are available for download by anyone agreeing to the download license terms.

What else besides I/O Trace Data files is available from the IOTTA Repository?

Currently, the IOTTA Repository content available for download is limited to I/O Trace Data files.

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