FAQs for How You Can Help

What can I do to help the IOTTA Repository?

There are a number of ways that you can help the IOTTA Repository, including:

  1. Contributing I/O Trace Data files to the IOTTA Repository. Additional I/O Trace Data files can help extend and enhance the IOTTA Repository content, increase the viability of the IOTTA Repository, and broaden its value to the storage-related community.
  2. Acknowledging your use and the value of the IOTTA Repository. Publicly demonstrating your support for the IOTTA Repository can help garner additional interest and assistance.
  3. Sponsorship of the IOTTA Repository through donations of equipment (such as additional disk storage used to store the I/O Trace Data files).
  4. Becoming a member of the IOTTA TWG.
  5. Providing suggestions, comments and other feedback that can help us further enhance the IOTTA Repository.

Where do I submit suggestions and comments about the IOTTA Repository?

Your suggestions and comments about the IOTTA Repository are welcome and encouraged. Please use the contact form to send us your feedback.

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