WARNING: This trace is over 10 years old! It should not be used for modern research!

Block I/O Traces

Block I/O Traces typically include block level (e.g., at the logical volume manager, disk driver, etc. level) and block protocol (e.g., SCSI, ATA, Fibre Channel) traces.

The following traces are free to download under the terms of the SNIA Trace Data Files Download License. Please note that cookies must be enabled within your browser in order to download traces.
For questions about downloading using a shell script, see Using Shell Scripts, and for more information about downloading using a Windows batch script, see Using Batch Scripts.

Trace Name Details Details Related Tools Year Recorded Timespan Record Count File Size Actions
FIU Traces Traces collected at FIU. Traces collected at FIU. These traces can be decoded using blkparse. This utility is available on all standard Linux systems. 2008 - 2009 3 months 475 Million 28.8 GB

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