FAQs for Using Torrents

What is currently supported?

All torrent clients should be able to torrent traces from our site. However, older torrent clients may not be able to download the largest files due to their large piece sizes. If you get an error involving piece size, try another torrent client. We have tested and had success with Transmission for Unix-based systems, μTorrent for Windows systems, and Deluge for headless systems running any OS.

How can I download a trace using a torrent?

After you've filled out the download form and gotten the .torrent file, open your torrent client and add the .torrent file to your downloads list. If you wish to save the traces in a different folder than the .torrent file is, modify the download folder before starting the torrent. The download should start within a couple minutes of when you begin torrenting.

What do I do if the download fails?

If you're torrenting in a business environment, make sure torrent clients aren't blocked or throttled by your business or Internet Service Provider. This will make torrents fail or run extremely slowly.

If you know torrenting isn't blocked or throttled but the download won't start or is consistently very slow (less than 500 KB/s for over ten minutes), pause your torrent and try again in half an hour to an hour. Our seeder is probably just busy serving torrents to other clients; it can only handle serving 4 or 5 different torrents simultaneously without slowing down. We may also have just added a new torrent and it may be in the process of checking those files. If you come back and it still won't start or is very slow, try again the next day or leave it running overnight. If it still doesn't work, send us a note through the contact us form and we'll look into it.

For additional questions or comments, please contact us.

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